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Manifesting is a powerful practice of going after what you desire by attracting it.

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How I’ve used manifesting to attract my desires:

1. Narrow down exactly what you want (e.g. a nicer job)

2. Believe that you deserve it, if you feel it’s a leap then you need to first work on this limiting belief!

3. Nicer how? DO NOT focus on how imperfect your current job is but rather focus on what the perfect job would look and feel like - Note an exact salary, outline the role, choose the company culture, list the working hours, industry, how you feel working there etc

4. Align the desire to an affirmation, include gratitude, “I am so grateful for my exciting job in fashion, working with a fun team where I get to contribute my great ideas and get rewarded for my outputs”.

5. Write it out, save it to your phone, keep it in your bag and car, any place where you will see it repeatedly. Read it out aloud and to yourself as often as you can.

6. LET GO – do not plan how it will happen or think of ways to force it. Give it up to the universe and TRUST that it will happen. Look forward to it happening. Focus on the feeling you will have when it comes.

7. DON’T share this with anyone, this close agreement between you and the universe is where the magic is created!

8. When you receive signs from the universe (and you will), be grateful and say THANK YOU!

9. When it happens be grateful and say THANK YOU too.

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