One on One NRG Coaching

Whether you're feeling stuck, uninspired, lost or wanting to move forward but not sure where to begin, coaching may be exactly what you need. Get ready to transform your life...

Helping you to connect with your inner wisdom is exponentially more powerful than the classic teacher/student model.

I work with souls on a journey to find their own power, their creative light, their peace. People who are done with feeling empty and lost and searching for the spark they know exists.

I am not a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a doctor or a therapist.

I offer a free, no obligation half hour zoom pilot session to all potential clients prior to sign up for any coaching.

Why Coaching?

  1. Unpack challenges and create solutions for a lighter, more exciting life.
  2. Identify and overcome limiting beliefs.
  3. Switch thoughts with actions and move forward.
  4. Coaching stimulates fresh thinking and resolves issues using calming, logical and ordered techniques.
  5. Feel real growth and powerful shifts.
  6. Unlock your boundless potential.
  7. A coach doesn’t tell you what to do but rather facilitates the unlocking of your inner knowing.

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