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Meditation is an incredible tool, it helps us connect to our highest power and experience peace, clarity and contentment.

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Think back to when our minds wandered and someone would scold us for ‘daydreaming’ – this is the basis of meditation, let your mind wander and eventually quieten so that you link to your highest self and inner knowing.

There are so many easy and difficult, simple and complicated meditation techniques out there but every one of us must find the technique that best works for us, it could be as simple as a daydream, a walk or a 10-minute lie down. I encourage you to try everything, be open to each and eventually one will feel right.

You will know which one works for you as it will feel easy! You will experience a calm energy and a strong feeling of peace during and after the meditation session.

When you get the answers you are searching for and you know without a doubt that these are the best options for you, then you have found your meditation technique.

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