The NRG of Each New Day

Every new day is a chance to reset!

Every day gives an opportunity to reflect on how we are doing, what we want to change, which new opportunities we want to explore...

It's basically an opportunity to start again and get BACK into our NRG of alignment!

To reconnect with our magic πŸͺ„

To re-believe, re-trust and rewind....

To take our current lessons and put practices in place to get better, move forward, recover, excel and make changes that will alter our experience - literally cause and effect at play, our power in action.

Another chance to recognise our momentum, that we are on a journey forward and that although we may feel we have taken a few steps backward, overall we are making progress - it's important to know that in general we are moving forward, getting better than we were before.

Acknowledging the journey forward however many obstacles, challenges or temporary setbacks.

Focusing on the whole journey rather than the last 24 hours....

Rather than accepting and waiting - each new day offers us the invitation to create!

How magical and beautiful is this?????

When they talk of our point of power being in the present this is what they are talking about!

Using our faculties and NRG to create the lives we want and deserve.

Accepting the process rather than looking for what's missing or lacking or not happening yet...

This is why regular (if not daily) stand stills / check ins are so important.

Perhaps in the form of meditations....

We can get in the habit of brushing all the signs under the carpet or we can awaken to our bodies, minds and hearts and the constant signs we receive and allow our needle of guidance to point us in the direction of our highest vibration, our best lives 🩷

So for a day and then a week do this:

After waking up and stretching and being grateful for your beautiful life so far, for how far you've come and everything you've done....

For every experience you've had!

Everyone you've met, every place you've been, every sight you've seen!

Sort through your mind and body and come up with 3 things you want to work on....

Things needing extra NRG.

Things not yet achieved...

Make these your focuses for the day....

Having a mini purpose or goal gives direction and direction causes momentum.

Momentum and movement to achieving a goal gives a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Accomplishment raises our vibration and assists in propelling us forwards toward other larger goals and manifestations.

Putting these small steps in place start the momentum for larger possibilities πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Forgiving ourselves for those things we didn't get right, the mistakes, the blunders, the 'not so greats'.

Acknowledging our humanness that although some things go awry there's always a NEW chance to try again, to come at it from a different angle, to completely re-invent to innovate.

Knowing that we may be human but inside of us is an incredible will, a desire for alignment and flow, for an even higher vibration.

At any point we must know we can pause, breathe and let go of fear or doubt!

To take a deeper breath and continue on our desired path, try and try again..

Connect with the power of each brand new day, connect to the revitalising NRG of our consciousness. Our ability to get up, dust off and carry on, our essence of determination and unwavering faith.

To knowing that not giving up is an achievement in and of itself!

Slowing down to really savour and enjoy the ride instead of only having sight on the destination.

There's a beauty in a journey of progress....

When we find ourselves taking joy and happiness from simple tasks like making our beds, tidying our homes, cleaning our kitchens, getting ready to go out to work, to begin our day.. then we have found a connection, a starting point. A practice we become good at that sets a tone for the rest of the day - this can be a tone of ease & flow or dread & half baked commitment.

In other words, If we start our day deciding to find joy and handle all tasks with ease and flow this can manifest through our day.

If we only pick the easy & nice tasks then we will experience different levels of commitment Β and success when it comes to the larger tasks.

When we create an NRG of momentum by moving forward, with tasks however seemingly mundane, our message to the universe is action, possibility and creation.

It's all about attitude, deciding from the first point that you will take on every challenge with openness, commitment and an attitude of resolution!

To give your best and all to every job and know that this is more important than only selecting those tasks we know we will succeed at!

An attempt at a new task can spark the energy of challenge and excitement! There is joy in stretch and growth in determination.

Freshness in taking on the new....

Find the beautiful NRG of a brand new day and connect to it, use it to set the tone for your day! Choose to discover new strengths, talents and opportunities, because in the birth of each new day lies a gift 🎁

A gift of another chance, the possibility of a breakthrough, a win, connection not only to our ultimate goals but satisfaction and enjoyment of the ride along the way.

Instead of separating the working toward our goals from the achievement of them it's about connecting the journey to the end point - this is how we find peace, encouragement and contentment πŸ†

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