The NRG of Simplicity

Reducing overwhelm, pressure and anxiety through a simplified approach to moving forward with any task.

Reducing overwhelm, pressure and anxiety through a simplified approach to moving forward with any task.

One of the largest inhibitors of progress is overwhelm, letting our minds hold back our momentum by viewing tasks as huge & complicated, boring & mundane, unappealing and even low vibrational slog…..!

The truth is that we can enjoy heightened momentum and efficiency, reduce procrastination and learn a vital skill of coming at any task with NRG, passion, focus and a ‘no chance at failing’ approach that becomes addictive. Setting us up for more optimism, excitement at conquering new ground and taking on new challenges with vigour and ease! The more we ‘practice’, even on the mundane and lingering tasks, the more we build up resilience to combat procrastination, indecision and the feeling of being stuck…


Basic overview…

Chunk down - proper prep - just start - gain momentum - find the motivation to keep going (through satisfaction) - fight the lag (keeping the end in mind, holding the belief, finding joy in the mundane or repetitive to continue) -  the ‘shift’ of completion!


Break the task into smaller parts (chunks). The purpose, not to deal with the enormity of the task but rather sub sections / bite sized chunks / more manageable smaller pieces…

When we make the hugeness of the task seem smaller and more achievable by breaking it down into SIMPLER parts we start to see the wood through the trees as it were, we start to see that smaller tasks make up the whole and that if we simplify the task it not only becomes easier to understand, it also feels less frightening or overwhelming.

By chunking down we could even separate the task over a number of days relieving further pressure.


Having all the tools you will need at hand.
This reduces distraction and enables momentum as you won’t be needing to stop half way to find tools and this reduces the possibility of distraction.
This helps you stay on track, focussed on the task and makes for a simpler flow.


Figure out a logical starting point…

Get behind this point by throwing all of your NRG and commitment to just this part of the journey. (There’s a simple hack when feeling resistance to starting anything and that’s to simply count down from 5 to 1 and on 1 just get up and go………..)

Don’t focus on the whole job but rather this most logical kick off point!

Beating procrastination by just starting……not focussing on the size of the task but the importance of just starting at a point (begin & the mind gets heated, continue and the task will be completed…)

Don’t think of the magnitude of the whole task but instead focus only on the starting point and the power of beginning. There is magic and a power in setting the wheels in motion and we usually find this point the most overwhelming by making it out to be HUGE, DIFFICULT, MULTI FACETED etc. At this point it’s only necessary to begin and trust that the act of starting will open up the energy of momentum…

You will notice within moments that any feelings of overwhelm will be converted to feelings of satisfaction, drive and determination, even joy and encouragement and success that comes with being motivated and inspired into action and creativity.

You will even feel an NRG of progression, of forward movement, a pleasant feeling of eventual alignment - a feeling like you are in a canoe that’s just been pushed away from the dock…!


Hold onto these good ‘feels’ and use them to drive you forward. This is where inspiration sets in, where you start innovating, coming up with new and cool ideas and begin to feel comfortable and content with the flow of the process.. This is where you know that just simply holding this NRG will ensure you get to the end of this task eventually and the magnitude and facets of the task no longer become the most important part but rather your continued forward momentum. Your commitment to the end goal (and it will seem closer within reach!)


The simple NRG of facing forwards and not letting any pressure stop you because you have a determination, a power and a drive to get to the finish line no matter what - you are unstoppable, powerful, focussed, engaged and successful and you got this! Even though you may feel the mundaneness of the task or there may be moments of boring slog, these are just small & necessary steps  in getting to the end. Embrace them as part of the process. Before you know it they will be over if you just hold focus and give it your all. Find calm and satisfaction in the smallest of tasks, let your mind wander and let go of the blandness but view the necessity in the process and make a decision to get behind it (it’s the smallest part of the process that could make the biggest difference, or propel you toward completion the most!)


You may reach a point where the task starts to become boring, repetitive, mundane - this will be when you start feeling the lag, the slowing down.
At this point you may need a refresher - stand back and look at the whole task and what you’ve accomplished so far. It’s important to feel the satisfaction and note your progress. You might choose to take a break at this point to reward yourself for sticking to the task so far. This resets your mind, gives renewed NRG and drive to be able to continue with the next steps. If lag keeps returning keep taking breaks rather than giving up, know that this may be a particular challenging part of the process and give yourself the space to be calm, refreshed and re-energized. Pushing yourself beyond a comfortable momentum could result in mistakes or undoing what you have done so far.

At this stage it’s important to keep in mind that mundane and repetitive tasks can help us train ourselves to focus more intently, stick to the task and not give up easily. We often choose the more exciting tasks leaving the mundane or more boring to someone else but training ourselves to do these tasks can be both therapeutic and good for our brains as we are strengthening our focussing muscles.


Suddenly you will be surprised as you find yourself in the space of near completion and this alone will motivate you through the last hurdles, give renewed focus and you will start to feel the satisfaction of accomplishment. This will feel like an amazing shift, you may feel encouraged, happy, motivated, inspired - all the good feels that accompany a job well done.

Most of all the feeling of not having given up will surface, the confirmation that when you put your mind to something they’re NO stopping you! You are a force, a superhero and able to look at various tasks in the same way coz you now know that simplifying the complicated removes all the unnecessary noise and resistance around moving forward.

GOETH (gow tuh) said, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”So start each task by chunking it down, begin at a point, gain momentum, resist lag & shift to completion!Until next week, take care, play around with the NRG and power of simplicity, it’s the BEST way to see clarity, reduce overwhelm and achieve goals faster and with ease!

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